Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tutorial: Render for a cartoon project.

There is a small tutorial to show how we make these nice architecture props for the social project colled Lovely Farm (c) games.
This tutorial is more for beginners who have just started with visualisation. But it also could be useful if you have never engaged in cartoon style render.

Furniture for Lovely Farm.

In our game gamers also can furnish their houses.
This is another screen in the game.
All objects are including the floors and walls were made in a tight deadline less than 2 months.
And only with 3 artists, and me as the lead.
Here is how it looks in the game:
All props created for the launch (team work)  - Link
And a few objects made by me

My role was more in creating the workflow  and managing it in the production process so I have no time to make art by myself =(